Photography is the art of shooting photographs and images for leisure purposes for business purpose. Photography can be studied in a learning institution, or one can learn through practice. This article will analyze essential photography tips for beginners.

1. Take time to learn.

Learning can be either formal or informal depending on the level of interest of the photographer.


It is good for novice to learn through experienced photographer or engaging to a learning institution where you can learn few tips about photography. This will help the novice to gain firsthand experience.

2. Do experiments.

Experiments have advantages in that; you can shoot images using different settings to see the effects and then doing the comparison between the pictures. Reading the manual also helps in knowing the meaning of symbols that are in camera.

3. Practice regularly.

Regular practice will enhance the skills of a novice hence making them perfect in the field of photography. Make sure you take photos on a daily basis and if this is not possible, create time to do this work. This helps the photographer not to forget what they have learned in the previous exercise.

4. Be with your camera always.

Some of the best shots come when least expected. Thus, it is advisable to carry your camera wherever you go to utilize each opportunity that may arise.


If your camera is large and is a bother moving it around with you, can use your phone to make some shoot and later edit them.

5. Don’t start with expensive equipment.

Although expensive equipment tends to be the best concerning quality work, it is not advisable to start up with expensive equipment because at the first time, they might be fell and get broken. First get that equipment that even if they get damaged, you can replace or buy others without much hustle.

6. Use wider aperture.

It is good to use aperture size that ranges from f/2.8 to f/5.6 that will make the background of your image look more blurred. This helps in removing the background distraction, and the image will stand out to be unique.

7. Avoid camera shake.

Camera shake usually results to image being unusable. An increase in ISO and aperture opening results to quick shutter speed, thus reducing the blurry image’s caption. Try to minimize the movement of a camera by practicing to hold the camera firmly.

8. Do some editing to your photos.

Editing photographs can enhance the photo to achieve the desired look of the photos. Thus lightroom presets helps in editing, applying effects, without the photographer fiddling with sliders and levels.


This helps the image to achieve a particular look, without having to use the contrast, saturation, and others.

9. Make mistakes.

Making mistakes is part of learning, and this will help the novice to learn faster and improve their skills in photography. The sure thing is that even the professional made mistakes at one point, and they used it as a learning process.

10. Use reflections.

There is uniqueness when you focus to where other people tend to concentrate less. Go out after rains, before sunset, big glass windows, swimming pools, in puddles… This usually makes unique photos.

Take away.

For one to become a competent and skilled photographer, it is necessary to learn some basic things that will help them to make quality photographs. Thus, if one can exercise the above, at one point, they will be at a position to make good photos.

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