For the longest time, Linux has had to deal with unfair misconceptions surrounding its usability. Of course, for anyone in the know, it has certainly come a long way from being the esoteric bundles of code that it once was. In place of that, users are treated to a wide variety of well-polished OS choices which have been developed to cater to the wide variety of preferences.

So, whether you are an OSX or Windows user looking for an alternative to your current operating system or a techie looking for better ways to get things done, make sure to check this article out. We guarantee that you’ll find something to your liking.


Tails is the Linux OS perfect for those concerned with their privacy. Without a doubt, with the onslaught of data breaches and hackings over the years, this has become the top priority for many users. The mere fact that Tails is Edward Snowden’s OS of choice says a lot about its reputation. That being said, it is vital that we take a closer look at Tails to see what makes it the safest Linux choice.

One of the things we simply need to mention here is the level of web safety Tails provides its users. To be more specific, it makes full use of Tor to route all of your network connections. For those unfamiliar with Tor, it is a highly private network that lets you connect to the internet anonymously. It does this through a web of dedicated relays that lets users bounce their online communications around, thus making them virtually untraceable.

Moreover, the OS itself is preventing you from leaving any virtual fingerprints, whether in the form of files or cookies. This is because the system is designed to leave no permanent traces. It is worth mentioning that Tails specifically designed to be run from portable storage. This means that it only utilizes your computer’s RAM though you are free to store data on your portable devices.


If you are new to the entire Linux experience, then perhaps it would be best if you took things in stride. With all the available options, one can easily feel overwhelmed especially if you are switching from a traditional OS like Windows or Mac. Luckily, Linux Mint is here to help ease you into the whole experience.

It is specifically designed to make your transition that much easier. For instance, you can even make use of desktop environments that look and feel similar to Windows. Cinnamon and MATE remain the most popular choice as they can load rather quickly and do not consume too much memory. It is also worth noting that Mint comes equipped with software and applications that will help you get back into your workflow in no time. In terms of productivity, you can make full use of the LibreOffice suite. There are also a number of respectable media software on board to help you with your entertainment needs.

When it comes to operating systems, users should know that there are better choices to Windows and Mac. Similarly, there is so much more to Linux than just Ubuntu. This article presents readers with two great alternatives that are definitely worth your time.

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