Flat feet, occurs when the arch on the underside of your foot collapses hence causing your foot to flatten out. If you have flat feet, the whole sole of your feet touches the ground when you walk. The condition is painless, but it can lead to severe feet problems with time. It will basically alter the alignment of other structures in the foot.

Causes of flat feet

Many people are born with such deformity, while others acquire it as they grow up. Years of standing without support or rest, wearing high heels every time or sporting ill-fitting shoes for long, can contribute to the occurrence of flat foot condition.


Cops are affected by this condition more often than now since their shoes are poorly made and have no arch support. Age and weight also form as reasons for this condition. Old age and obese people are in the danger of acquiring falling arch abnormality.

Insoles that maintain the arch properly and firm the heels need to be used all the time. Read More Here for the best insoles to buy to avoid flat feet problems.

There are many kinds made with different materials, breadth, and colors. So you can own one each for every pair of shoes you want to sport. Apart from getting insoles for flat fleet prevention, you can also go in for an arch brace that will support the arch firmly and ease a lot of pain. When wearing a high heel, remember to wear orthotics for flat feet that can swing the weight from the balls of the feet to the heels. Some of the orthotics for flat feet have extra room in the toe area.

Woman feet

So while buying orthotics for flat feet, it will be good to do a market survey. It’s important to remember that flat feet problems will develop over time. The key to avoiding flat feet problems is supportive arches in your shoes, even if you don’t feel any pain in your feet.

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