The software is vital in keeping up with theme and plugin updates released almost daily without being overwhelmed as an owner of many WordPress sites or a developer. In recent years, updates in plugins, themes and other features in WordPress have become diverse. The security of your websites is also paramount and needs special priority. For you to save your precious time dealing with all these, you need special premium tools that will assist you.


MainWP is an open-source WordPress tool that offers flexibility in the management and securing of websites. The most outstanding feature is that the core entities are free for an unlimited number of sites. MainWP checks the condition of your plugins and themes and informs you if they have not been updated for some time.


This tool is easy to use to access even child sites with one click. The best thing about it is that you don’t have to type in every URL to access your various websites. This tool offers unmatched customized and premium management of sites from updating your themes and plugins to saving your login credentials.


ManagementWP ranks highly among the best wordpress management tools that exist. It enables you to access all your websites through one dashboard making backups, updating and security scans breeze. All activities you may want to perform in any of your websites can be done flawlessly with ManagementWP.

Whether you want to add content and update plugin in one site, create a backup in another site, or start a new project in the other site that well is catered for.

It has an intuitive, user-friendly interface that eases operation. ManagementWP is accessible throughout and offers full-time premium support for its customers making it one of the best.


iControlWP is a flexible tool that enables you to escape from the hustles of constant WordPress management. This tool comprises of backups, security and site management in one centralized platform that enables you to control and overlook all your websites. The WordPress tool comes with a 30-day trial that enables you to try and test its marvel. With iControlWP, you can lock down access with IP address restrictions and multi-factor authentication.


Its automatic update feature also allows users to set their plugins to be automatically updated. iControlWP has an outstanding feature that gives you an integrated first aid function build in. This support feature enables you to manage security, backups, plugins, themes and databases better.


InfiniteWP is a tool that saves you on time in managing multiple websites. As a user, you will access your sites from a single powerful and intuitive admin panel without ever login in again. It gives you a deep site of your websites from one centralized point. With the one-click feature, you can update all your sites across WordPress automatically.

It also has a superior backup service that stores all your data in a drive and can be restored in case your websites get hacked.

This tool offers premium services with add-on categories that help you to customize your websites the way you want.

CMS Commander

This tool purely seeks to save your time and keep you competitive. It offers webmasters with tools that enable repetitive management tasks on all their WordPress websites as a whole. CMS Commander features functions aimed at customizing your websites according to their characters with the aim of focusing on the growth of business and building brands. It offers bulk posting, allows webmasters to copy their WordPress options from plugins and to import articles

Management of websites can be time consuming and painstaking. If you are not up to date with all the new trends that occur in WordPress, you may end up lagging in your blogging. For that reason, it is important that adopt one of this tools that suit you to lessen your work in management of your websites.

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