You have taken up golf, you are all set on the tee with your golf equipment and clubs, and you reach in your tote for the ball. Your friend who has been enjoying for a long time swears blind with a Titleist Pro V1X, however you assume the type of ball does not matter. After all, they are the same – round, small with dimples… correct?



All golf balls are not similar, and they can result to a big difference when you play the sport — however, your buddy’s trusty ball might not be the most suitable one for you. Luckily, here in this website, you will learn the fundamentals you need to understand.

Which ball should I start with?

Purchasing a top of the stove ball might feel great as you are standing there in the 1st tee but, as a beginner, be ready to give a couple of thick vegetation, trees, and water hazards!

Losing balls may cost a good deal of cash, so purchase ones that fit your skill. If you are a complete beginner, think about refurbished, used, or clearance chunks to begin with — it is less costly in case you discard them. As soon as you start to improve, you may begin to consider investing in a few that provide better functionality.

Types of ball

There Are Usually five Kinds of golf club: one-piece, This means that the chunks have two, two three, four, four or five layers — however, the layering produces a large difference to the way you would like to utilize a chunk.


Single piece balls are usually utilized in driving ranges and exercise reasons; the 3/4/5-piece balls are best for seasoned golfers that have a fantastic swing, can strike more distances, but need more control. These chunks have layers which promote twist, or so the ball could be manipulated round the green easily.

Dimple effect

In Addition, you need to understand that dimples create a difference they Reduce drag and promote lift in various ways, based upon the dimple design of this chunk. They also increase space by around 115 percent!

What does compression rate mean?

That can be really a measurement of how soft or hard your chunk is. Though playing weather and conditions Ought to Be Taken into Consideration, as a Beginner, you will probably need a softer ball using a very low compression rate of This is because the ball will be milder and compresses More upon effect, which then generates better space.

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