Just because your motorcycle has never been stolen does not mean that it will never be stolen. Different people steal different types of motorcycles from a variety of places at any time. Your bike can be stolen because it is an easy target or it is stored in a manner that is not safe or secure. Below are some of the ways which you can use to keep your motorcycle safe.

Motorbike alarms as well as immobilizers

You should ensure that your motorcycle has these, this is because they help in keeping a way thieves, as well as reduce their insurance premiums. And therefore you will end up not losing your bike to the thieves.

Motorcycle locks

This is the simplest as well as the most visible deterrent. They should always be secured on an object that is immobile. And the chain should always be threaded throughout the entire frame; by doing this, you will prevent the thieves from stealing some parts of your bike.


However, you should ensure that you learn more about this because professional thieves can easily steal your bike even with this, they will only be slowed down by some seconds, but they will eventually steal your motorcycle.


Avoid putting your bike outside overnight for people to see, the best idea is to place it in the garage if you have one, and you should always ensure that your garage is as secure as possible.

If it is not secure, the thieves can easily break in and steal your motorcycle. You should also ensure that you alarm it, so that incase the thieves break into your garage, you will be immediately notified, and you might end up saving your bike.


Thieves are normally after a particular brand of a motorcycle; it is, therefore, advisable that you cover your bike, and by doing this, it will appear unattractive to the thieves, and therefore the chances of them stealing your bike will be reduced.


You can also create another obstacle for the thief that is time-consuming. However, these do not guarantee that your bike will not be stolen at all, but at least the thieves might find it harder to steal it or might find it too unattractive to steal.

Remove the keys

Thieves are very opportunistic, and most of them are always after the bikes that are very easy to steal. Therefore if you forget to remove your keys, then you just have to say goodbye to your bike.

Even if you are very close to your bike, always ensure that you remove the ignition key. It will only take seconds for the thieves to go on your bike, so save yourself the stress and remember to walk away with your key.

By following the above advice, am quite certain that you will be in a position to protect your bike from thieves, you do want to lose your motorcycle after buying it with your hard earned money. You should, therefore, try the above and look for more safety measures that can help you keep your bike safe

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