Executive. Sports are not only a significant entertainment factor in the current world but are also a good test for athleticism in human beings. Be it spectating or playing, sports are essential in the well being of the population and good for social interaction.

During officiating and administering, officials may make errors and unfair judgments. Introduction of technology came in handy to try and minimize these errors as well as improve the quality of the sport. Mind-blowing advancements have been witnessed in this technology and it still getting revolutionized as time goes by. Their impact is evident too.

Some amazing technological features in the world of sports are expected to make a more significant impact on sports.read this article to find out more about the impact of technology in the field.

a) Sensor tools and gadgets.

These are used to make a ruling where the naked eye is not able to accurately judge. Different sports are using various sensor technology tools. A good example is the Goal Line Technology that is used in soccer. It is an electronic system that aids referees to determine if a goal had been scored or not by analyzing the electromagnetic fields and sending signals to the referees’ watches notifying them if the ball had crossed the line or not.

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The Hawk Eye technology used in cricket is another perfect example. It tests leg-before-wicket decisions to predict the likely path that the ball would have followed and predicted if it would have hit the stumps were it not for the batsman’s leg blocking it.

b) Advanced timing systems.

These are mostly used in racing events which require precision and consistency such as athletics and swimming. Fully Automatic Time (FAT) is an example of such systems where the clock is automatically activated by the starting pistol the finish time automatically recorded or analyzed milliseconds after the race is finished using a photo finish. Swimming uses a touch pad that is located at the finish line to determine winners.

c) Replay systems.

With this technology, it is easier for match officials to see what exactly happened during the match when they are unsure of the happenings.

This will help the official resolve matters correctly, accurately, and fairly. For example, in basketball, a replay system is used to ensure that a shot was released before the final buzzer.

d) Performance monitoring devices.

Monitoring players in the field and providing their statistics and comparisons is one way of spicing up a sport. Earlier, analysis such as speed and distance covered required a camera operator to follow a particular player throughout the game.


However, advancements in recent GPS technology has made it easy to monitor the players. Contrary to the many numbers of camera operators needed to match the number of players in a match, players can now wear a vest that has a GPS tracking device sewn in it. The vest is worn under the jersey.

This device will collect information from them, including the heart rate, position in the field, speed, distance covered, and many other qualities.

There are far much more technologies that help in how sports are undertaken. They continue to aid in delivering error-free decisions as well as reduce the criticism of the players and spectators towards the referees due to a particular decision. The technology is also rapidly revolutionizing, and this continues to improve the quality of the sport.

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