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Administrators and marketers have the responsibility of advertising and marketing for their customers. It is tough to stay on top but here are some of the tools to help you succeed:

1. Google Trends

A Google trend is a tool that Google has made to help anyone who is searching for trending topics online. Brands use Google trend to monitor things that are happening everywhere.

Professionals use Google trend tool as a way to share information and discover things related to what popular. You can also use Google trends tool to check keywords to know if they are trending on your social media web.

2. Buzz Sumo

This tool helps you to find the content and trending influencers that are most shared. Buzz sumo also helps you to understand your impact and also helps you to develop better content strategies.


Buzz Sumo also allows you to see which of your page is engaged more and also you can analyze which content performs better. With Buzz Sumo tool, you can know which article performs better in your website without monitoring many other channels.

3. Canva

Canva is a tool that many managers and marketers use in their brands to create good looking images without any designer.

Canva tool can also help you to make your image quickly and also to create your images look more professional without doing much on actual design work.

4. Unsplash

This tool is the best, and so many brands use it in photography, video space and also design. Many social media marketers use unsplash photos on their brands because they give you content and a professional look. It is essential to find the best unsplash collection whose photos are good looking and who you can follow to find the latest work.

5. Feedly


Feedly tool helps you to follow blogs, to keep up with big stories, world news and also help you to stay informed. This tool helps you to keep up with stories and news so no need to visit several websites. With feedly, you can see them all and save time.

Utilizing the above tools in your daily work may help you greatly to improve work result on your website and guarantee you a lot of success.

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