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Are you finding it hard to concentrate in your office due to fatigue? If yes, escape room games can help you restore your energy and at the same time polish up your skills as a team player. This game comes with various themes such as criminal, sci-fi, mysterious and post-apocalyptic among others.

Given that people are different, there are different escape room games with their own specifics and features. Some of them require a substantial amount of collaborative thinking and teamwork hence suitable for larger teams while others provide every player with an opportunity to solve their own puzzles hence perfect for a small team. If you’d want to realize the best escape game for your friends or workmates, this article will be of help.

Linear escape room games

This game consists of various puzzles which you solve in a specific sequence and not all at the same time or just randomly. The only way you can see the next clue is by finding the previous one and questions come one after another.

escape the room

If you are looking for different escape rooms suitable for smaller teams, linear escape room should be on top of your list as it will ensure that everyone is occupied and no one has nothing to work on. Before reaching your final goal, you are expected to go through several rooms but you only manage to open the next door after successfully solving all the puzzles in the previous door.

Non-linear escape room games

Are you looking for an engaging game that will keep you and your workmates occupied? If yes, non-linear escape game will keep all of you busy and ensure no one gets bored.

This game is distinguished with multiple small puzzles which are interconnected and lead to a larger puzzle that you need to solve and win. The puzzles are complicated and take longer and if you want to escape before time elapses, divide your teammates into different sub-groups which will save time and help you solve the puzzles effortlessly.

Linear and Non-linear escape room games

This game is a balance between linear and non-linear escape room games. The game is distinguished with a big puzzle famously known as a bottleneck which you are supposed to solve by solving several small puzzles to get to another big puzzle. As you continue solving the puzzle, you’ll realize that the more difficult and bigger tasks are alternated with easier and smaller questions and will go like that until you win.

Scavenger hunt escape rooms

Scavenger hunt escape rooms could be linear, non-linear or both. As its name suggests, this game is all about dedicating yourselves to scavenger hunting rather than solving puzzle games.


You will be required to find specific objects and clues and whereas it can be boring for some individuals, it can really be exciting to others. The game is a bit complex and suitable for children and adolescent and if you have some time to kill, consider scavenger hunt with your children or family.

Bottom line

The above games are categorized under escape room games but they are very different. We cannot specify which game is the best but you can always examine each and determine which is best for you depending on your preferences and who you intend to play with. As a rule of thumb, consult your game master beforehand and talk more about your expectations, team size, and experience as this will help you to choose the most appropriate game.

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